I’m here for you.

You run an operation that relies on using the best tools, you’ve used Macs for many years, now there’s a hundred clouds that seem like they should be helping you. Connecting them, and integrating them is tricky.

You and I will do great things.

My Name is Brendan McKenna, AuburnCom is my consulting Firm, based in san Francisco, California

I provide consulting services to companies throughout the bay area and internationally, based around the best available technologies.

You can call me at 415-843-1622 or Email me at brendan@auburncom.com

iCloud, Salesforce, DropBox, Logmein, Clio, Docusign, Paylocity, FaceBook, Twitter, Twilio, Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, Youtube, Vimeo, all these and more, covered, explained and connnected, in ways that work for you and save you time.

Call me. 415-843-1622.




Lifting you to the Clouds