Good Day to you, wherever and whenever you’re reading this (or having read to you, if you’re rich).

This post is about the kind of problem that affects almost everyone, (something we focus on here), and that is, running out of space on your iCloud storage. though we’re focused on iCloud here, this guide is most likely applicable to any cloud storage provider, from Dropbox, to Amazon AWS, to one drive, and even

You probably already know, that Apples iCloud notoriously “baits and switches”/”nickel and dimes”/”forces” folks who just get on board it’s ship (buy an iOS device), to upgrade their iCloud plan right away, due to the ridiculously low 5GB “free” iCloud plan.

But, did you know that even if you subscribe to Apples top of the line, Apple One+ Ultra Premium Max Deluxe, you still can fill up your 2TB and be in the same situation is Billy “first iPhone is 128gb, but my backup space is 5gb” Jones?

Thankfully, there’s a solution, besides going through each photo of your cat and deciding which ones to burn.

Head over to Omni group (who, though they lie and claim they make “tools as powerful as you”), do actually make some awesome tools.

You’re looking for Omnidisksweeper, and you’ll need a Mac from about the last 10 years, that’s 2012 forward, that works and can access iCloud, and has space enough for your iCloud accounts data. Then just load up your iCloud Drive on that Mac, run Omnidisksweeper, and Voila, you’ll see what 4k HD videos you saved from TikTok are consuming all your space, and you can delete, archive, or move these files to more appropriate space. (Did you see an external USB 4TB is only $95 right now?)

Bada bing, Bada boom. 


You’re done.


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